Understanding the Importance of Psychology in Acting

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2019

Sometimes it's not easy to explain why Margie's approach to acting is so unique and important. That's why we wanted to share this video from Robin Dale Meyers, who's one of the fantastic teachers on our studio team. Robin does a great job explaining why it's more important to understand the psychology of your character than it is to pursue a technical approach to acting.

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Robin’s early fascination with human behavior and performing sparked a lifelong journey as an actress and teacher. Working with actors – either as colleagues or students – is her greatest joy.

A veteran of the stage and various screens, Robin’s credits include “General Hospital,” “Criminal Minds,” “Without A Trace,” “The Office” and commercials for...

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How to Feel Successful and Fulfilled as an Actor

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2019
Why do some actors thrive and others struggle?
Often it comes down to something very simple and yet very powerful.
I've spent more than 40 years teaching celebrities and top actors from around the world. I know from experience that if you want to be successful and fulfilled as an actor, there’s something much more important than raw talent.
People pursue a life of acting because they want to create. They want to share something magical with the world. At least until they encounter the cold realities of the business and get damaged by pressure and rejection. Too many actors start off with dreams of being discovered, only to walk away from it all (years or decades later), heart broken.
Over time, getting jobs and going to auditions feels like a referendum on our self worth. A successful audition seems like validation, while rejection becomes a painful confirmation that we’re doing something wrong … or that we’ll never make...
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Creating a Life as an Actor

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2019

Many actors attend respected drama schools and performing arts colleges where they learn traditional acting methods.

They then start auditioning.

They practice and rehearse hoping they'll nail an audition and ultimately book a job. Sometimes it feels like all of your self worth is riding on each audition as a success – OR – failure. Often this pressure to succeed is what causes us us to fail.

Margie teaches something far more empowering and refreshing.

She invites us to focus on the joy of creation so we can connect with a genuine love of acting.

Learning how to create a life as an actor can fill your acting journey with a profound sense of creative fulfillment that transcends the success or failure of any particular audition.

When you're creating the life of a character – instead of trying to impress – you're free to stay present in the moment.

When you're focused on what you love about acting – instead of a particular outcome– you're much more...

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