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"I've spent more than 40 years teaching celebrities and top actors from around the world. Now I'm excited to share with you the same lessons I teach my private classes and one-on-one acting students." – Margie Haber


The best and most exciting part of your actor's journey is about to begin.

Sometimes acting can seem like an impossible dream. But even superstars start out exactly where you are right now! These comprehensive resources will guide you through the most challenging aspects of acting and auditions.

Dear Actor,

I’m Margie Haber.

It’s hard for me to believe that I am the same Margie who started as an actress at 24, hoping that I, too, would be discovered.

I've studied with some of the major acting greats like Lee Strasberg and Milton Katseles, among many others. When I got started, I was young and frightened. I thought these teachers would answer my prayers and show me how to be a great actor. What I didn’t realize then was how much power I gave to them and how small I felt as a student.

I learned a lot the hard way, but now I have over 40 years of experience as a teacher, author, and acting coach. I've worked with thousands of actors at every level. Based on my experience with celebrity movie stars and aspiring beginners alike, I've developed a teaching method that gets powerful, life-changing results. 

Wanting to share these powerful techniques with more people, I became an author and wrote How to Get the Part Without Falling Apart. I'm humbled that the book has become required reading in many acting programs at universities and colleges nationwide and abroad.

And now, I'm excited to share with you the same lessons that I've been teaching celebrity actors and private clients. The trainings, courses, and video programs we're creating for you here are no different than what I offer when I lead seminars or workshops. I'm here to provide you with world-class resources so you can become the actor you were born to be.

My teachings are about helping you celebrate and unleash YOUR gifts, YOUR authenticity, and YOUR power as both an actor and a human being.

To YOUR success!


A few of Margie's Celebrity Clients

“I came to see Margie, worked with her, got a whole bunch of great ideas and was so prepared to go back. I was going to go get this job and I was gonna knock their socks off because I was so ready.”  – HALLE BERRY 

“There are so many acting teachers out there, and I’ve studied with some of the best, but for auditioning, there’s only Margie.”  – HEATHER LOCKLEAR

“Margie understands actors and is wonderful with them. She has developed a fabulous technique for auditioning and getting the job in a limited amount of time.”  – COLIN EGGLESFIELD 

“Margie Haber is a great teacher for any level of actor. She can help you take your auditioning skills to the next level. She is fantastic in every way.”  – MOLLY SIMS

“Margie Haber was recommended to me. I took her three-day weekend intensive… it reminded me of why I wanted to be an actor… it was a really reinforcing moment in my life.”  – SOPHIA BUSH

“Margie changed the way I approached comedy by teaching me not to be afraid of my own core. Margie gently pushed me out of my comfort zone and for that I will always be grateful. If you are looking to grow and be the best actor you can be, go to Margie" – TIFFANY HADDISH

"Margie taught me how to make a cold script, warm” – KYLE CHANDLER

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