Actors: Important Message about the Strike

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2023

The strike has been weighing heavily on everyone. We’re all feeling the stress.

Every day at Margie’s LA studio, we work with actors, casting agents, directors, and other industry players. Right now, there’s a lot of heartache, struggle, and fear.

Through these difficult times, the studio has been a beacon of inspiration. Margie has helped us all (teachers, students, and working actors) maintain a strong sense of creativity and purpose. When we connect as actors in a community setting, there’s a feeling of clarity and mutual support that helps everyone.

Unfortunately, most actors are facing this alone. So, I wanted to share some valuable community perspectives from inside the studio.

Yesterday, Margie and I recorded a candid conversation about the strike. In this video, we talk about what's happening and why it matters so much:

  • The financial pressures being faced by actors
  • How self-taping is often abused by the industry
  • Industry attempts to replace actors with technology
  • The financial challenges for working actors (who are not yet stars)
  • The importance of a creative community
  • How streaming residuals have left actors behind
  • What it’s like on the picket lines
  • What should actors do with this time

As an actor myself, I’ve been feeling my own waves of pressure and fear. That’s why my conversations with Margie have been so incredibly comforting and empowering.

If you’re feeling scared or uncertain about the strike, watch the video. Sometimes, the most important thing is to realize you’re not alone.


In support,

Hamish Sturgeon
Studio Manager

P.S. – We’re offering meaningful discounts for online classes and video courses. We want you to use this time to enhance your skills, creativity, and confidence. We want you to feel connected to community and purpose. When the strike is over, we want you to feel grounded, positive, and prepared.


We’re all in this together. When the studio has faced crises in the past, clients and students have rallied around us to save the day. We feel grateful to be part of a community – and we want that to include you.

P.P.S. – Do you want me to record more conversations like this with Margie?
Let me know: [email protected]


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