Madalyn Horcher is Living the Life

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2020

In this video you'll see Madalyn Horcher truly live the life of a character. As one of our accomplished students we're proud to celebrate Madalyn's successful television career, but even more than that, we love seeing her bring her characters to life with such clarity, commitment and truth.

Another one of our favorite things about this video is that it's filmed in her apartment.

During these strange days when many of us may be spending a lot of time at home, this is a valuable reminder that right now – this moment – is always an opportunity to go deep into creating. 

Being at home does not have to hold you back from becoming the actor and the person you were born to be.


Watch the video for a breathtaking example of what it means to fully live a slice of life.

To your success,

Studio Manager

P.S. Watch through the end to see this amazing slice of life reach a powerful emotional moment.

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