Most actors seem like they are "acting" because they don't know how to experience all the rich sensations, memories, and relationships that fill a character's life. In this Masterclass I'll teach you how to create an entire world for a character, so you can act with intimacy and spontaneity.


Discover the most intuitive source of authenticity for actors!


During one of my Masterclass intensives in NY, London or LA, I take a small group of actors through a powerful process.

Together we read a new script, and line by line I show them how to transform the words on the paper into an entire life they can live as an actor. 

I teach them to see the world that surrounds and flows through every script. As they learn to clearly see and feel a character's relationships, environments, memories and needs, actors use their own humanity to make characters compelling and full of depth. Based on their individual personalities, every actor's creation is unique. 

The Masterclass process changes lives and careers. Actors who learn to engage with a script in this way, unlock a rich source of inspiration, authenticity and confidence.

Previously these advanced lessons were only available to high level students who attended one of my private workshops or week-long intensives. But now, we've captured the process and I'm able to share it with you.

With the power of profound empathy and curiosity, this Masterclass will make you a better actor, and show you how to experience a more intimate relationship with life.

I invite you to join me and this small group of students in the amazing process of CREATING CHARACTER.

I look forward to guiding you on this journey of discovery.

To your success!

Margie Haber

P.S. – This course focuses on the most powerful and intuitive source of authenticity for actors – RELATIONSHIP. And that includes your relationships to the environment, the past, sights, smells, memories and even characters who don't appear in the script.

When you understand the truth about RELATIONSHIP, you’ll be able to bring your characters fully to life, even when you're nervous or under pressure.

Masterclass Video Intensive

Margie walks you through her process of internalizing a script as a real slice of life. You'll see how she imagines every element with specific attention to detail to bring her characters to life.

Creating Relationships

Understand the rich spectrum of relationships that are shaping you and your character in every moment. 

Incorporating History

Grow beyond the limitations of a scene. Learn how to create a rich history of memories, experiences and perspectives.

Seeing the Environment

Learn how to create a visual experience of your environment thats full of details and information to feed your character.

Using Cause and Effect

Don't get stuck with static ideas. Learn to live as your character so that you respond in each moment with personality and authenticity.

Natural Transitions

See why transition techniques are a problem and discover how to use thoughts to make your transitions effortless and real.

Sensory Learning

Learn how to use your 5 senses to make the depths of your character  available, even when you're nervous or under pressure.

Personalized Critiques and Coaching

Watch actors work with the script as if it was a real audition. Learn as each of them gets individual and specific feedback on how they showed up from moment to moment.

Giving and Receiving

Learn why listening is easier, more powerful and more reliable than planning what's next.

Stillness and Connection

You'll see why some of the most powerful moments for an actor are when they are still.

Life Before and After

Your character does not begin at the start of a scene. Learn to create characters with a life.

INCLUDED: PDF script that Margie uses in her demonstration and critiques

Download the PDF and bring character to life in your own unique way! Use your imagination and Margie's teachings to follow along and explore your own capacity to CREATE CHARACTER.

INCLUDED: Practices and exercises that build skills and develop insight

This training includes exercises that will help you become fluent and confident in CREATING CHARACTER. Practice and turn your inspiration and insights into skills that you can count on. 

INCLUDED:  Interview About CREATING CHARACTER and Margie's Teachings

Margie answers questions about her approach. Learn more about CREATING CHARACTER and get advice on what to do when you feel nervous or stressed about an audition.

Experience Margie's CREATING CHARACTER training program + bonus videos for a full 30 days risk free.

We guarantee you'll get massive value. After you complete the program, if you don't feel like CREATING CHARACTER was worth the purchase, we'll refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! If for any reason, this video training does not positively transform how you relate to acting and auditions, just send a message and we'll refund your money ... no questions asked.

This training was initially only available to advanced actors because of the cost of the classes. But these materials are for actors of all skill levels. Advanced actors will get tremendous value while beingers will get started with the best approach. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished working actor or an aspiring beginner, these lessons are guaranteed to transform the way you work. Most actors have been taught technically and learned the wrong lessons. It's never too late to get your acting on the right track.

As soon as you purchase, you'll get an email with a link to your own private training library. You can easily access the videos and course materials 24/7 from any internet connected computer or mobile device. You can easily watch at home or listen on your way to an audition.

Yes. You get unlimited access to the entire program. You can learn at your own pace and use these videos for ongoing inspiration and support.

What Margie's Celebrity Students are Saying

“I came to see Margie, worked with her, got a whole bunch of great ideas and was so prepared to go back. I was going to go get this job and I was gonna knock their socks off because I was so ready.”  – HALLE BERRY 

“There are so many acting teachers out there, and I’ve studied with some of the best, but for auditioning, there’s only Margie.”  – HEATHER LOCKLEAR

“Margie understands actors and is wonderful with them. She has developed a fabulous technique for auditioning and getting the job in a limited amount of time.”  – COLIN EGGLESFIELD 

“Margie Haber is a great teacher for any level of actor. She can help you take your auditioning skills to the next level. She is fantastic in every way.”  – MOLLY SIMS

“Margie Haber was recommended to me. I took her three-day weekend intensive… it reminded me of why I wanted to be an actor… it was a really reinforcing moment in my life.”  – SOPHIA BUSH

Begin CREATING CHARACTER, and discover the most intuitive source of authenticity for actors!


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