Ever wondered why some people book commercials, and others struggle? Do you find yourself wondering how to prepare for an audition and generally feeling lost?  We bring years of experience as the number one acting school in Los Angeles to the commercial arena.


Book lucrative jobs as you learn and master this distinct acting style.

Commercials are a stepping stone and a vital source of income many actors rely on as they pursue their dreams. For others, commercials become a dedicated career path.

No matter what your commercial acting ambitions are, there are some essential skills you must learn if you want to be successful. Commercial 'acting' is unlike any other acting style. How you audition, use the camera, bring yourself to the brand, and interact on set is entirely unique. If you want to be successful and book jobs, you must learn the creative and technical essentials of commercial acting.

You will either learn these things the hard way (through trial and error) or learn from successful actors and teachers who can save you precious time by sharing their hard-earned knowledge and experience.

Every class session will include personalized critiques and coaching. Students will work with real scripts as if it were a real audition and get individual and specific feedback on how they showed up from moment to moment. You'll also work with a professional commercial actor and coach to get real-world feedback and information to learn what you MUST know when you audition for commercials.

When you understand the creative AND technical essentials of commercial acting/auditions you're way ahead of most actors. It's an explosive combination that gets results and helps you book!

We bring our years of experience as the¬†number one acting school in Los Angeles to the commercial arena in this in-depth¬†intensive. Margie has designed a class that will¬†teach you to create a life using her 10-step approach - for all kinds of¬†commercials.¬†¬†In an attempt to shift the lens on¬†traditional commercial acting, The Margie Haber Commercial Intensive will show¬†you how to bring yourself to every ‚Äúslice of life‚ÄĚ and, most importantly, enjoy¬†the process.¬†¬†After all, a commercial is¬†just another ‚Äúslice of life‚ÄĚ!

If you're serious about commercial acting and you don't want to waste your time learning the hard way, this class is a must! Click the blue button to sign up and join us for our next Commercial Workshop. Seats are limited, so act now.


Meet Your Instructor:
Annie Karstens

Annie started booking roles after studying with Margie and has since accumulated dozens of commercial credits for brands like Dunkin Donuts, CarMax,, and Geico.  

Within days of our last commercial workshop two students booked jobs. Here's what some of our recent students are saying:

"Seriously one of the best commercial workshops I‚Äôve ever taken! Annie is an amazing teacher; who is kind, thoughtful and open. Her experience as an actress working right now in commercials brings so much relevancy and insight to the intensive.‚ÄĚ

"I've taken so many commercial classes, but it's so refreshing to have an actual working commercial actor teach the class. Annie is so amazing!!!  You can tell she truly enjoys working in commercials, and her students feel her passion."

"Annie's expertise, especially in the virtual realm, was clearly displayed throughout this workshop. As much as I thought I wasn't nearly as interested in honing these skills, I'm so grateful for them now!"

BONUS INSTANT ACCESS - Acting Without Fear Online Foundation Course

Sign up for the Commercial Intensive and you'll also get instant access to Acting Without Fear. This online course is a great introduction to Margie's approach to acting and auditions. This course will inspire you with some of Margie's most important ideas and get you ready to dive into the commercial intensive.


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