Gain the confidence and understanding you need to master your self tape auditions.

Self taping is one of the most important skills that actors need to thrive. In this course you'll watch Margie coach an actor to quickly create an amazing and deeply rewarding self tape audition.

Self taping has become the default way that auditions are done. Here in LA my team of world class teachers and I have been working closely with students and celebrity clients to help them adapt and thrive in this new environment.

The Art of the Self Tape is a video course that takes you on a deep dive into everything we’ve learned about this essential set of skills. You’ll get eye opening and candid interviews with actors and casting directors to give you unique and valuable perspectives from all different angles.

The most valuable part of this course is you get to be right there in the room with me and see how I coach someone through the entire self tape process.

You’ll see a very talented actor film a self tape audition then watch as I coach him through a highly creative and personal self tape transformation. Together we explore the psychology, imagination and mind of the character and create the life in vivid detail.

Then you’ll see the incredible results as the same actor films the self tape again with all new levels of conviction, specifics and authenticity. You’ll see how he starts with a good audition and turns it into something really special. You’ll discover how rewarding and fulfilling a self tape audition can truly be when you connect deeply and fully live the life of the character.

Usually these coaching sessions are intimate and private one-on-one experiences only available to professional acting students and celebrities here in the LA area. But now with this new video course you can join us in the room and gain access to the same lessons and insights.

Smart actors are getting serious about their self tape skills. My team and I are very excited about helping you fall in love with the self tape process.

To your success!

Margie Haber

Self Tape Audition Psychology and Technique

Margie and Hamish discuss the most important technical and emotional aspects of self tape auditions. You'll learn essential industry insights that every actor needs to know.

Creating Relationships

Understand the wide spectrum of relationships that are shaping you and your character in every moment. Let the relationships guide you. 

Incorporating History

Grow beyond the limitations of a scene. I call them "slices of life"! Learn how to create a rich history of memories, experiences and perspectives.

Seeing the Environment

Learn how to create a visual experience of your environment that's full of details and information which 'feeds' you and your character.

Self Tape Coaching and Transformation

Watch a talented actor work with Margie to dramatically improve his self tape audition skills. With coaching and feedback, you'll learn step-by-step how he goes from average to awesome.

Before – Common Struggles with Self Tape Auditions

In this video you'll see how even talented actors struggle with the common challenges of self tape auditions

During – Detailed and Empowering Coaching

Margie gives detailed and empowering feedback that gets him past his blocks to unleash his true creative potential.

After - Auditioning with Freedom, Creativity and Joy

After coaching you'll see how he naturally comes to life with spontaneity and creativity. You'll be blown away by the transformation 

Debrief - Important Takeaways and Insights

A break down of the most important lessons from the coaching, including the most life changing insights from the whole process.

Choosing One Actor from Hundreds of Auditions

Award winning film director, Elissa Down, unpacks what it really means to stand out and have charisma. Elissa gives clear real-world examples of why some people's auditions shine and others get missed.

What a Director Looks for in Your Self Tape Auditions

Elissa describes how she selects a single actor from among hundreds of hopeful auditions. She shares exactly what makes her excited to work with an actor.

Script Comprehension for Emotional Believability

The way you think about a part is just as important as your performance. Elissa explains how actors need to understand the layers of their character in any situation.

Essential Elements of Improvisation & Creativity

Elissa talks about how she looks for actors who are able to fully inhabit their characters and find ways to merge pieces of themselves into the performance. 

Rushi Kota: Celebrity Self Tape Audition Success Stories

Film and TV star, Rushi Kota, sits down with Margie to explain his highly successful approach to self tape auditioning. Rushi shares his technical insights along with empowering perspectives.

Technical and Practical Lessons and Experience

Rushi and Margie discuss some of the most important technical lessons that actors need to know for amazing self tape auditions.

Self Tape Emotional Struggles and Triumphs

You'll learn from his mistakes and experiences as Rushi shares stories from his most difficult and most triumphant moments.

The Importance of Finding Joy in Self Taping

Discover the freedom, fulfillment and results that come from Marige's unique and empowering approach to acting and auditions.

BONUS:  Your Most Important Questions Answered!

After hundreds of actors shared their biggest fears and concerns about self taping, Margie and I recorded this amazing conversation that is jam packed with valuable wisdom and insight. SPOILER ALERT! – Your internal dialogue about yourself and your self tapes may be the most important thing.

INCLUDED: PDF script that Margie uses in her self tape coaching session

Download the PDF and bring the character to life in your own unique way! Use your imagination and Margie's teachings to follow along and explore your own capacity to nail self tape auditions.

INCLUDED: Practices and exercises that build skills and develop insight

This training includes exercises that will help you become fluent and confident in bringing your self tape characters to life. Practice and turn your inspiration and insights into skills that you can count on. You'll use the included script from this course to integrate these tools.

BONUS:  Acting Without Fear

In this live introductory class, Margie answers questions about her approach. Learn more about how she relates to auditions and empowerment for actors. You'll get valuable advice on what to do when you feel nervous or stressed about an audition.

BONUS: Technical Guide to Self Tape Auditions

Self-taping can be nerve wracking, especially if you’re not used to managing all the technical aspects of the process. We have compiled clear instructions to help you navigate the self-taping process with ease. These tips will help you create a professional self-tape, so you can focus on what really matters being creative and: Living the life of the character!

  • How to choose the right location for your self tape
  • What you need to know for good (and bad) lighting
  • How to choose the right camera
  • Getting good audio on a budget
  • Discovering and familiarizing yourself with the script
  • What you need to know about composition and framing
  • What to wear and how to present yourself
  • Working with a reader
  • How to review, select and edit your audition
  • Slates and how to introduce yourself the right way
  • How to leverage the creative advantages of self tape auditions


Experience Margie's ART OF THE SELF TAPE video training program + bonus videos for a full 30 days risk free.

We guarantee you'll get massive value. After you complete the program, if you don't feel like ART OF THE SELF TAPE was worth the purchase, we'll refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! After you complete the program if for any reason, this video training does not positively transform how you relate to acting and auditions, just send a message and we'll refund your money.

This training was initially only available to advanced actors because of the cost of the classes. But these materials are for actors of all skill levels. Advanced actors will get tremendous value while beingers will get started with the best approach. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished working actor or an aspiring beginner, these lessons are guaranteed to transform the way you work. Most actors have been taught technically and learned the wrong lessons. It's never too late to get your acting on the right track.

As soon as you purchase, you'll get an email with a link to your own private training library. You can easily access the videos and course materials 24/7 from any internet connected computer or mobile device. You can easily watch at home or listen on your way to an audition.

What Margie's Celebrity Students are Saying

“I came to see Margie, worked with her, got a whole bunch of great ideas and was so prepared to go back. I was going to go get this job and I was gonna knock their socks off because I was so ready.”  – HALLE BERRY 

“There are so many acting teachers out there, and I’ve studied with some of the best, but for auditioning, there’s only Margie.”  – HEATHER LOCKLEAR

“Margie understands actors and is wonderful with them. She has developed a fabulous technique for auditioning and getting the job in a limited amount of time.”  – COLIN EGGLESFIELD 

“Margie Haber is a great teacher for any level of actor. She can help you take your auditioning skills to the next level. She is fantastic in every way.”  – MOLLY SIMS

“Margie Haber was recommended to me. I took her three-day weekend intensive… it reminded me of why I wanted to be an actor… it was a really reinforcing moment in my life.”  – SOPHIA BUSH

“Margie helped me make all kinds of moves” – TIFFANY HADDISH (Girl’s Trip, Like a Boss)

"Margie helped me make a cold script warm” – KYLE CHANDLER (Friday Night Lights, Bloodlines, Carol)

“Margie was the first coach to help me wield my creativity like a superpower” – TERRELL BATTLE (Killing it, Blackish)




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