What Casting Directors are REALLY Looking for, but Won't Tell You!

There's a common audition mistake that most actors make.

It makes auditions harder than they should be. It will cost you jobs and opportunities. Click the button to watch the video and learn what really stands out and makes an impact on the casting director.

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I've spent more than 40 years teaching celebrities and top actors from around the world.

"For decades I have been the #1 acting and audition coach in LA. I've worked with thousands of actors at every level. Based on my experience with movie stars and aspiring beginners alike, I've developed a method of teaching that gets life changing results. The most powerful thing you can do to transform your career, is change the way you think about acting."  – Margie Haber

The best and most exciting part of your actor's journey is about to begin.

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What Some of Margie's Celebrity Clients are Saying

After working with Margie I felt so prepared to go back. I knew I was going to go get this job and knock their socks off!”  – HALLE BERRY 

“Margie really understands actors. She has developed a powerful technique that helped me audition and getting the job with only a limited amount of time to prepare.”  – COLIN EGGLESFIELD 

“Margie Haber is a great teacher for any level actor. She will help you take your auditioning skills to the next level. She is fantastic in every way.”  – MOLLY SIMS

“I took Margie's three-day weekend intensive. It reminded me of why I wanted to be an actor and became a truly reinforcing moment in my life.”  – SOPHIA BUSH


Learn what casting directors are really looking for, but won't tell you!

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